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Spring Makeover: New Season, New You!

11 Apr 2015

The start of a new season is the perfect time to make some much-needed tweaks to your beauty routine – not only do we have different needs depending on the time of year, but it can help us to feel all shiny and new too! We’re in the process of giving ourselves a bit of a spring makeover, and have some top tips to share with you all…

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Think Seasonally

Whilst we advocate wearing whatever look makes you feel great, picking a new beauty style that’s totally off-season may leave you feeling a little out of touch. If you’re aiming to look bright and breezy for spring, choosing that deep berry shade during your next Shellac manicure session won’t help towards your goal. This is especially true if you’re revamping your wardrobe at the same time. Try to match your make up to the themes of the season, and your look will tie together perfectly.

Spring Clean Your Beauty Stash

It’s virtually impossible to have a truly fresh start without having a good clear out – in this case, we’re talking about your make up bag! It’s frustratingly easy to hoard products that you’ve either not used for years, or have never even taken out of the packaging.



In the case of the former, it’s probably because that product or shade doesn’t suit you anymore; with the latter, it could either have been an unwise purchase or be a hidden treasure. The key is to work out which of your make up products are a bit past it, which deserve a second chance and which are there to stay. You can then get to work creating your new spring look after making room for some new additions.

Get A Second Opinion

Ultimately the only person you have to please with your look and style is yourself…but it can never hurt to get a second opinion. Ask an old friend for their honest (but not brutal!) opinion on your signature make up look, and what they’d change about it if they could.


Feel free to play around with their suggestions, but don’t ever sacrifice feeling good about yourself – it’s a bit of a gamble, but you could just end up falling in love with a new technique or style. That’s the wonderful thing about make up – you can experiment, make mistake and start all over again. It’s part of the fun!

Chyaz x

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