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Stellar Decolletage – Products To Transform Your Decolletage

12 Sep 2017

The two areas which can really show our age are the hands and the decolletage area. And as much as we can spend time and money on skincare and make up for the face, we can often neglect from our neck downwards.

Stellar Decolletage
Stellar Decolletage Products

For me, I have always tried to look after my hands. I’m an avid hand cream wearer and won’t be seen without gloves in winter. But I’m afraid I can’t say the same for my decolletage area. I had thought that it was too late to reverse the obvious signs of ageing in this area. I am a side sleeper, always have been. And while I know that sleeping on my back will really help to stop creasing in this area, as well as the face, I just can’t fall asleep until I roll on to my side. The price I pay for my deep side slumber is a crinkly, wrinkly decolletage and neck. I also have fairly visible lines to add insult to injury. To the point where I stopped wearing v-necks a few years ago!

So when I was sent a new skincare concept, specifically targeted at the decolletage area from Stellar, I was absolutely game for trying. Stellar Decolletage is the first brand to create a routine solely for this area. Its products have been developed for the unique skin needs of the upper breast area. The aim of this routine is to improve the skin’s texture, firmness and elasticity.

Stellar Decolletage Luminous Perfector Treatment Polish

This creamy exfoliator has jojoba spheres to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and prepare the skin for deep conditioning.

You use this exfoliator in the shower or bath on wet or dry skin. Massage it into the skin and upwards towards the neck and upper arms. You can also leave the polish on for up to 10 minutes for a really deep conditioning treatment. Find it here

Stellar Decolletage Velvet Restore Sleep Complex

This rich cream is an overnight conditioning treatment that deeply nourishes, repairs and aids skin cell regeneration.

The luxurious textured cream is packed full of ingredients to boost the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, which all help to reduce wrinkle depth and improve the texture and firmness of skin.

Apply this cream all over the decolletage and neck area on clean, dry skin before bed. Leave on overnight and then rinse off in the morning. Find it here

Stellar Decolletage Elixir Extraordinaire Dry Oil Mist

This light weight dry oil is neither oily or sticky and can be applied to the skin either on its own daily (morning and night) or as I’ve been doing on top of the Velvet Restore Sleep Complex for a super overnight treatment. You only need a couple of spritzes of this oil, as a little goes a long way. It does sink in and dry really quickly, so you can get dressed pretty much straight away. Find it here

I’ve been using all three of these products from the range for almost three weeks now and I am already impressed with how hydrated and smoother my skin feels. Until I uploaded the before and after pictures, I didn’t realise what an improvement there has already been. You can see the results for yourself. Both of these photos are unedited and taken at the same time in the morning.

Stellar Decolletage
Stellar Decolletage Results

Having now seen the results for myself, not only am I excited to see further long term results but I am also going to treat myself to some V neck tops! Find the full range of Stellar Decolletage products here.

Julie from That Age Style

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