Top 5 In Flight Beauty Tips - Turn Your Long Haul Flight Into Spa Time!

Top 5 In Flight Beauty Tips

27 Aug 2018

We all know that flying wreaks havoc on our skin and zaps every last bit of precious skin hydration. Instead of just letting it happen, transform your flight time into pamper time with these Top 5 In Flight Beauty Tips to get you glowing on arrival!

Top 5 In Flight Beauty Tips
Top 5 In Flight Beauty Tips

Top 5 In Flight Beauty Tips – Step One

Once you’re comfy, get your makeup off. Massage in a cream cleanser and remove with cotton pads spritzed with facial floral water – rose is very hydrating.

Step Two

Mask time! Choose a leave on gel hydrating mask or a layer thick moisturiser to boost moisture levels in the skin. Leave for 10-20 minutes and massage in the excess.

Step Three

Relax and drink lots of water.

Top 5 In Flight Beauty Tips
Top 5 In Flight Beauty Tips

Step Four

Just prior to landing, swipe a Rose water soaked cotton pad over the face to lightly cleanse & refresh and follow with serum then moisturiser

Step Five

Top 5 In Flight Beauty Tips
Top 5 In Flight Beauty Tips

Pop on a moisturising BB or CC cream to hydrate, perfect and protect. And with a touch of mascara and a slick of lip balm, you’re good to go!

Please feel free your leave your flight beauty tips below and I’d love to hear any specific product recommendations that you may have. It’s always good to hear from you.

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