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Vegan Beauty Products Round Up

2 Oct 2016

I have been a vegan for a while now but I’ve never really thought about the products on my face and whether they too run in line with my stance. So when I was sent this bundle of vegan beauty products to try out I was intrigued and almost jumping with joy. It was a nice surprise to see a collection that was 100% vegan friendly with some well known brands in there too.

Mavala Nail Polish

Vegan Beauty Products
Vegan Beauty Products – Mavala

Mavala is the first brand that were included. These miniature bottles of nail polish are some I’ve used a lot and it’s a brand I’ve grown to adore. I’m always impressed by the colours and longevity of them.

Most nail polishes contain parabens and nasties to harden the polish quickly and to give great colours, but Mavala nail polishes don’t contain any of these. They use only vegan friendly ingredients making them perfect for everyone.

The new Mavala collection is named after cities across the world and I happened to be sent Mexico which is a coincidence because that’s where I’m off to tomorrow!

Find Mavala Nail Polishes here

Vegan Beauty Products – EcoTools

Vegan Beauty Products
Vegan Beauty Products – Ecotools

The second brand included in this package was Ecotools, in particular the Ecotools travel collection. These beautiful brushes are 100% cruelty free and feature recycled aluminium and renewable bamboo. They’re beautiful to use, they’re soft and they blend beauty products amazingly.

Ecotools also say that their mission is to help women look beautiful and to live beautifully. They also support organisations internationally to make a more beautiful world to live in which is to me what being a vegan is all about.

Find Ecotools here

Skyn Iceland

Vegan Beauty Products
Vegan Beauty Products – Skyn Iceland

The third product from this collection is from Skyn Iceland. This company was created by Sarah Kugelman, who was struggling with stress and moved to Iceland to find a solution. There she created Skyn, a company that creates natural and healthy products born in a stress free environment.

I tried the plumping lip gel, a powerful little product that helps with fullness of lips, lines and wrinkles around the mouth. These are all areas that can be affected by stress. The product is vegan because it uses all natural ingredients and is free from parabens.

I found that this gel had a really quick effect and gave my lips a juicy youthful shine in around 10 minutes.

Find Skyn Iceland Plumping Lip Gels here

Vegan Beauty Products – Parissa

Vegan Beauty Products
Vegan Beauty Products – Parissa

Last but not least are the Warm Wax strips from Parissa, a fantastic company that makes all natural products.

These microwaveable strips contain azulene oil to help soften and soothe your skin, which is important because it also helps prevent ingrown hairs and post-waxing irritation.

My experience with wax strips is quite mixed, there’s so many products out there that don’t deliver – but these certainly did. They were quick to warm up and came off easily, leaving my skin soft and hair free. I used them on my legs but you can use them on most parts of your body or face.

Get Parissa Warm Wax here

I really enjoyed testing out these samples, and now that I’m more aware of them I’ll be adding more vegan beauty products to my collection in the future.

Do you know any more vegan beauty brands? Let other readers know in the comments below. 

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