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Wedding Day Fragrance – A Fragrance Journey For Your Big Day

10 Jun 2017

Wedding season is upon us and following Nia’s feature on bridal make up, today I’m bringing you news of a new way to fragrance your big day. My wedding day took place eleven years ago and I still remember the perfume and aftershave my husband and I wore on our special day. Every time I smell them I am instantly transported back to that happy day. I believe fragrance is evocative and should play just as big a part in your big day as hair and makeup.

“Scent gives us the chance to bottle a memory, a feeling, and the fleeting moments of life we cherish so much.”- Meghan Fay

Design in scent are opening their doors to the public for the first time on 3rd July. Previously they have worked on a purely couture basis for VIP clients, creating signature scents and hosting private Scent Salons. The founders- Gemma Hopkins and Meghan Fay are the masterminds behind the fragrance at some of the UK’s most exciting and exclusive events and venues such as The Arts Club, The Shard and Battersea Power Station.

This exclusive wedding collection features a range of products for the bride and groom to wear, for the wedding party to wear and to provide as gifts to loved ones and the wedding party. The range comprises four Fragrance Journeys™ and each journey has three complimentary fragrances:- a Feminine EDP, a Masculine EDP and a unification scent that fuses with the masculine and feminine scents to create a new scent. This is a symbolic gesture designed to represent the couples’ journey as individuals and then the unification of their love. How romantic!

The range also features candles and ambiance mists. These are a great inclusion as they can be used to scent the wedding invitations, the confetti and at the reception to fragrance the linen and the air, completing the sensory experience of the day.

“Scent is mischievous. Each droplet contains an unpredictable and entirely unapologetic rebellion that interrupts all rational thinking and fills us with feeling. In this fast, too often detached digital age, that for me makes exploring the sense of smell crucial.”- Gemma Hopkins

The ranges are as follows:


“As above so below, the blend of root and flower, valley and mountain, forms the essential connection between earth and the dreamer’s dreams. Growing roots to ground you while reaching for the sky together will create exciting, shared adventure and a truly timeless bond.”

  • Valley of Dew- Feminine EDP. Top notes: Dew Drops and Ivy. Heart: Lily of the Valley and Peonies. Base: Musks and Nude Molecules
  • Mountain Roots- Masculine EDP. Top notes: Bergamot, Wild Basil and Lavender. Heart: Vetiver and Leather. Base: Sandalwood and Musks.
  • Timeless- Union- ambience mists and candles. A blend of Valley of Dew and Mountain Roots.


“This is a masterpiece of Yin and Yang and the unity of opposites. The fusion of light and dark is a metaphor for love and a lesson in creating balance both within and without. Joined together in time of exuberance and times of repose, you create a harmonious garden symphony.”

  • White Jardin- Feminine EDP. Top notes: Orange Blossom and Bergamot. Heart: Jasmine, Tuberose and Gardenia. Base: Musks.
  • Eden Noir- Masculine EDP. Top notes: Citrus, Orange Bitters, Lentisque and Sage. Heart: Virginian Cedarwood and Neroli. Base: Oakmoss.
  • Symphony-Union- ambience mists and candles. A blend of White Jardin and Eden Noir.


“Surrounded by precious woods and fragrant smoke, together you step into the fire of transformation. A sensual dance of life that lights the embers within and emits a passionate glow. As you magnify one other, the sum of your union becomes greater than its parts and you radiate as stars in the sky.”

  • Amber’s Glow-Feminine EDP. Top notes: Fleur d’Oranger and Silk. Hearts: Amber, Ylang Ylang and Rose Inde. Base: Sandalwood, Benzoin and Vanilla.
  • Spiced Embers- Masculine EDP. Top notes: Clary Sage. Heart: Tobacco, Cardamom and Neroli. Base: Leather, Birch Tar and Oakmoss.
  • Radiate- union- ambience mists and candles. A blend of Amber’s Glow and Spiced Embers.


“A frosted scene is set, as you walk from one identity to the next and learn more intuitively who you really are. Day merges into night and night once again into day. Let go and take a deep breath of destiny. Tomorrow is waiting.”

  • Frosted Veil- Feminine EDP. Top notes: Frosted Molecules. Heart: Myrtle. Base: Myrrh, Musks and Dry Woods.
  • Deep Dusk- Masculine EDP. Top notes: Black Pepper, Clove and Nutmeg. Heart: Suede, Frankincense, Patchouli and Woods. Base: Olibanum and Tree Moss.
  • Tomorrow- union- ambience mists and candles. A blend of Frosted Veil and Deep Dusk.

There is a great range of scents to choose from. The quality of the ingredients shows through too. I sprayed one on my arm at 6pm last night, it is now 1pm the next day and I can still smell the scent subtly lingering. This is the sign of a quality product, it also means your fragrance will carry through the day so no need for top ups.

This range launches on the 3rd July, however there is a secret online launch between 5th June to 2nd July at, gain early access by entering the password “fragrancelovestory” and see how you can personalise your special day.



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