Wedding Beauty: Wedding Nails Tips & Tricks

Wedding Beauty: Top 5 Wedding Nails Tips

29 Feb 2016

Wedding Nails
If you’re planning a wedding this year, all eyes will be on your hands to examine your gorgeous new ring. Here’s our top five tips to have wedding ready fingers in time for your big day.

    1. Be Prepared

Plan ahead. If your nails are battered and bitten and need some serious work, don’t expect to get them into shape overnight. Stop biting now and start seeing a manicurist regularly a few weeks before the big event. If you don’t have time to get your own nails back on track, try gel or acrylic nails for your wedding day– they don’t have to be long- gels and acrylics can be used just to make over-bitten nails look healthy.

    1. Test Your Manicure.

Whether you’re planning on classic nails or going all out to match your manicure to your colour scheme, spend as much time on your wedding nails as you would any other aspect of your look. Pick a few colours to trial and see what works best with your dress. If in doubt Essie Ballet Slippers or Mademoiselle are fail-safe favourites for a chicly classic wedding day look. Don’t forget a top coat for a long lasting colour.

    1. To Nail Art or Not To Nail Art?

When you look back on your wedding pictures in ten, twenty or thirty years time you don’t want to wince at the choices you made. To enjoy your photos in years to come, try not to make any aspect of your wedding too fashionable. So wedding day nail art whilst not an absolute no no is something you should do subtly, if at all- and only if it’s part of your usual look. Wedding day beauty is about being the best version of yourself, so if you usually use nail art and it suits your personality, carry on, but don’t start using nail art for the first time just before your big day.

    1. Don’t forget Hand Cream.

Hand cream is one of those things we all forget but it really can make a difference to your wedding day photographs if you hands look well moisturised. Choose a hand cream whose fragrance won’t interfere with your wedding day scent and apply it liberally right up to the morning of your wedding.

    1. Keep A Touch Up Kit Close To Hand

The truth is that wedding day disasters are almost inevitable, but planning for them turns them from major mayhem to minor mishaps. Make sure your wedding day emergency bag has a bottle of your chosen polish tucked away. If and when you chip a nail, fill the hole, let it dry, then brush over the whole nail again with your chosen polish.


Already married? Let us know your wedding day manicure tips and tricks in the comments below…


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