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Yardley English Daisy Eau De Toilette And Body Lotion Gift Set Review

22 Sep 2017
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Fragrance is a very personal thing. Most perfumes on the market cost upwards of £40 which can be a huge deterrent to people on a budget. However, there are great summer scents available at a much more affordable price, Yardley English Daisy being one of them.

Yardley English Daisy
Yardley English Daisy

This fragrance is ideal for summer, with a fresh floral scent that is reminiscent of a stunning summer garden filled with fresh flowers and greenery. The top notes are apple and then hyacinth and white rose with base notes of sandalwood and musk. When first applied it can feel too strong, but as with most fragrances if you wait a few minutes you will eventually get the true scent. The scent of this fragrance is certainly fresh and fruity, each spritz packs a punch so do use lightly. It is not as floral-smelling to me as the name would suggest but as I am not a huge fan of floral scents I do quite like this.

Yardley English Daisy
Yardley English Daisy EDT

The fragrance alone is perfect and can be bought individually. If you fancy a little extra, the body lotion that comes in the gift set is just as prettily packaged with the vibrant yellow squeezy tube. I do think a lotion is a nice add on. Especially if it is being given as a gift, although I do not tend to use heavily scented body lotions such as this.

I made the mistake of slathering this all over my arm and instantly regretted it. Instead, take a small amount in the areas you want the scent to linger. For example,  behind the knees, elbows, back of neck etc. this will help with the longevity of the scent.

For the price, I really don’t think you can go wrong. It is a lovely perfume, a little strong at first but don’t let that put you off as it settles into a very pleasant scent that is perfect for the summer.

Yardley English Daisy
Yardley English Daisy Body Lotion

Yardley English Daisy Pros:

  • Affordable
  • Lovely packaging
  • Would make a great gift
  • Pleasant scent that is both fruity and floral, ideal for summer

Yardley English Daisy Cons:

  • Can be heavy at first, do use sparsely

English Daisy Gift set can be purchased at Yardley London for just £7.50

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